Mandarin Program


The Chinese Course offers an enriching language journey through Mandarin. From beginners to advanced learners, explore speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Delve into Chinese culture, history, and customs, enhancing cross-cultural understanding. Master the characters, tones, and expressions to communicate confidently and embark on a fascinating exploration of China's language and heritage.


The Art Course is a creative journey exploring various artistic mediums and techniques. Through hands-on workshops, students learn drawing, painting, sculpture, and more. Discover art history, engage in critiques, and express yourself in a supportive environment. Unleash your creativity, develop artistic skills, and gain a deeper appreciation for the world of art.

Preschool – 

  • designed for 4-6 year old with no Chinese background. The content of the class is based on simple daily spoken language, and through the use of games and children’s songs, students can gradually master basic Chinese vocabulary and expressions, adapt to the Chinese language environment, and lay the foundation for higher levels of learning.

Kindy – 

  • Chinese phonetic alphabet: initials, finals, and tones 
  • Chinese characters: recognize and write simple strokes and Chinese characters, recognize approximately 55 characters 
  • Listening and Speaking: understand and express simple words, sentences and conversations 
  • Children’s songs and poems: learn simple children’s songs and ancient poems to understand Chinese culture 
  • Games: stimulate students’ interest and enhance classroom interaction through Chinese related games 

Standard Mandarin –

  • uses the official “Chinese” textbook commissioned by the State Council Overseas Chinese Affairs Office and developed by Jinan University’s Chinese Language Institute. It is divided into 12 levels, with the aim of enabling students to acquire basic proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Mandarin Chinese, as well as gaining knowledge of Chinese cultural fundamentals, providing a strong foundation for further studies in the Chinese language and culture.

YCT Course (Youth Chinese Test 1 – 6) – 

  • YCT is an international standardized Chinese language proficiency exam that assesses the ability of non-native Chinese-speaking elementary and middle school students to use Chinese in their daily lives and studies. Our curriculum is primarily designed to train students in listening and speaking, simulating real-life scenarios to enhance their communication skills, making Chinese a practical tool for everyday communication.

Private Tutoring – 

  • We also offer various private tutoring courses tailored to individual students’ specific needs and circumstances. These courses are customized in terms of content and teaching methods, offering flexibility in scheduling, and yielding significant results to meet diverse requirements.

Cantonese – 

  • We tailor our courses to provide suitable learning content for children, comprehensively cultivating their interest in language learning and enhancing their listening and speaking skills. We employ engaging teaching methods such as children’s songs, nursery rhymes, and games to create an immersive language environment, while also preserving the traditional Cantonese culture as children learn the language.