About Hornsby Chinese Language and Cultre School (HCLCS)

Hornsby Chinese Language and Culture School (HCLCS) is a non-profit community language school located in Sydney’s Upper North Shore. In our globalised world, the ability to speak, read and write Mandarin is an indispensable skill in many contexts. Since 2003, we have been dedicated to empowering individuals of all ages and backgrounds, with the opportunity to learn Mandarin at affordable prices. In addition, we have a variety of Art, Dance and Music classes for a holistic cultural learning experience.

Over the past decade, we have enrolled over 3000 students in our language and culture classes, producing an alumni of confident Mandarin speakers, National Chinese Eisteddfod winners, Minister’s Award recipients, award-winning young artists and academic achievers. Students at our school have delivered remarkable achievements in, for example, the National Chinese Eisteddfod, the International Youth Chinese Knowledge Contest and the NSW Chinese Essay Competition.

HCLCS is registered with the Department of Education and Communities Community Languages Schools Program and a member of the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools. With our challenging yet dynamic teaching programs, qualified teachers, and time flexibility, students of all ages, levels and backgrounds can benefit from our comprehensive courses.