Chinese (1-10)
Chinese Crash Course
Chinese for Non-Native Speakers
HSC Chinese
Speaking Mandarin: Intensive


For: Ages 4-6
Course Description: This preliminary course prepares young students for more advanced learning, with the essential basic skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing. Students will learn to recognise and write basic Chinese characters. Textbook learning is supplemented with interactive multimedia learning tools and team exercises amongst classmates, for a dynamic learning experience.

Chinese Levels 1-10

For: Ages 5-18
Course Description: This course covers Mandarin at a primary school level and is based on the NSW Department of Education’s syllabus with 5 stages of learning. There are 10 levels in this course, with 2 levels per stage. Throughout this course, students will develop comprehensive skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing through a combination of textbooks, interactive multimedia, additional worksheets, recommended additional readings, and team exercises amongst classmates. At the completion of each stage, students will be assessed, before progressing onto the next stage.

Chinese Crash Course

For: High school students & adults
Course Description: This course is for students who have the basic skills in speaking, reading and writing Mandarin, and wish to learn Levels 1-10 at a faster pace.

Chinese for Non-Native Speakers

For: Ages 5+
Course Description: This course introduces Mandarin to students who come from a non-Chinese-speaking family, and covers foundations in listening, speaking, reading and writing, and prepares students for either Levels 1-10 or the Crash Course, depending on age, learning pace, and preference.

HSC Chinese Classes

For: Year 11 & 12 students
Course Description: This course is tailored to students wishing to complete Mandarin as part of their HSC. Listening, reading, speaking and writing skills are further developed, at a advanced level. In addition, students will gain a deeper understanding about China’s culture, geography, and history. China’s place in a globalised world is explored and students are given access to optional additional materials to further their learning. This course covers all content required for the HSC Chinese exam.

Speaking Mandarin:

For: All ages (recommended for high school students and adults)
Course Description: This course is tailored to students who wish to learn how to speak Mandarin fluently. The focus is on dialogue and some character recognition. Content is tailored to a student’s personal goals e.g. a student wishing to use Mandarin at a retail job will learn phrases which are relevant to customer service. Reading and writing will also be covered briefly, but the main focus will be on listening and speaking. Beginners will be taught foundations in pronunciation, pinyin, greetings and other common phrases.


For: All ages
Course Description: Cantonese is a dialect of Mandarin, and the official language of Hong Kong and Macau. This language can be learnt alongside Mandarin, as many of the characters are identical.